Apply for ISA Awards for The Years 2021 & 2022

The last date of ISA Awards application is over. Thank you for your responses.


  1. The awards are open to all the Indian Scientists who have worked/working, in India or abroad, in the field of Agronomy subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria laid down for the respective award.
  2. The candidate must be Annual or Life Member of the Indian Society of Agronomy.
  3. No member of the Executive Council (EC) of the Society shall be a member of the Judging Committee/ Evaluation Committee.
  4. Member from the Executive Council (EC) of the Society, particularly President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer cannot apply for any of the Award during their tenure.
  5. It may not be necessary to have a Separate Judging Committee/ Evaluation Committee for each ISA Award. The EC may constitute one, two or more Judging Committees/ Evaluation Committees for recommending names for ISA Awards.
  6. Any ISA member who has been convicted any time during his/her career shall not be eligible for any ISA Award.
  7. The recommendations of the Evaluation/Search Committee shall be final and the recommendations shall be placed to the EC for final approval. The awards will be confined to the numbers given in the advertisement.  In no case, the number of Awards will be increased.
  8. Evaluation for all the ISA Awards shall be made based on score system developed for each award. The awards shall be given strictly on merit. However, minimum qualifying marks shall be 60 per cent in each case.
  9. The number of Awards shall be as under:-
i.ISA Best M.Sc. Thesis AwardUpto one per year for each zone
ii.ISA Best Ph.D. Thesis AwardUpto one per year  for each zone
iii.ISA Dr. P.S. Deshmukh Young Agronomist AwardUpto two per year
iv.ISA AssociateUp to Four per year
v.ISA FellowsUp to Eight per year
vi.ISA Gold MedalsUp to Four per year
vii.ISA Life Time Achievement AwardOne in each year
  1. The award (Item 9, i-vii) is given in the biennial meeting of the Society.
  1. The Society will provide single III AC railway fare to the recipient (who are not in job and not getting any financial assistance from institutes) from the place of his/her residence to the place of biennial meeting and back.
  1. Application for all the awards required to be filled on or before 26 August 2023.
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