Poster Presentation

There will be Poster Session covering the themes identified in the Symposia to encourage wider interaction and information sharing. The papers contributed for Poster Session will be screened and each Poster Session will have a Convener and Co-convener. The Conveners/Co-conveners will prepare and present Summary of the concerned Poster Session.


  • For each symposium, there will be a poster session to encourage detailed discussion with presenters. The papers contributed for each poster session will have a convener. The convener will prepare and present summary of the poster session in the respective symposium. The posters are to be prepared in the standard form.
  • Posters will be the principal format for the participant’s volunteered presentations. Posters facilitate the exchange of experience and ideas. The posters will be grouped according to the sub-themes of the symposium and a specific day, time and space will be allotted to each poster which will be indicated in the programmed for poster presentation. A good poster must be readable, legible, well organized and concise. For sake of uniformity, the following guidelines may be adhered for the preparation of paper.
  • Poster preparation: The title card at the top should include in addition to title (in capitals), name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliation. The text of the poster may be divided into objective (two to three sentences), methodology, results (four pages including tables, charts/graphs) and summary/conclusions.
  • Lettering: The lettering for the title should be 36 points in bold capital while that of name of authors in 28 point bold lower case and institution in 24 points bold italics lower case may be followed. All additional lettering should be 20 points normal. The heading namely, objectives, methodology, results and summary/conclusion should be in 20 points bold lower case.
  • Script. Table and figure headings and text should be bold face lettering of 20 points. The numerals and letters included in the figures and tables should be 16 points normal.  
  • The size of the poster should not exceed 1.80 m (height) and 0.90 m width.
  • Remember, a lot of people will read or study your poster while you are away, in such a case make sure that message is clear and simple.
  • Extended summaries scheduled for presentation will be grouped symposium-wise, numbered and listed in the final programmed.
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